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Grassroots Mobilization

Grassroots mobilization is essential for policy change at the community, state and even national level. TFKC has been involved in a variety of grassroots efforts at the local level with clean indoor air ordinances or tobacco free school grounds policies. TFKC and its partners also utilized a strong grassroots endeavor to ensure in 2010 that final action was taken in the Kansas House of Representatives to pass the Kansas Indoor Clean Air Law. Clean air advocates were encouraged to write letters to the editors and to contact their representatives about the importance of eliminating secondhand smoke from public places including restaurants and liquor establishments. In addition, Clean Air Kansas instituted a "Voices" campaign which provided targeted representatives with CDs filled with the comments by constituents from their region on how the smokefree law was important to them. Grassroots efforts continued in the 2011 session when constituents continued to contact their legislators, particularly new legislators to ensure that the smokefree law was not weakened.

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