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To become part of any of these TFKC committees contact the TFKC office of the TFKC president. Board members as well as TFKC members and partners are encouraged to apply for membership on these committees. Click here to see the committee charter.

To increase individual and organizational membership.

  • Determine what organizations are not at the table, who would like to partner with TFKC
  • Identify community coalitions or mobilization efforts with who TFKC is not currently involved that may become actively engaged
  • Develop strategies to engage additional partners
  • Determine ways to utlize media and the website to streamline membership processes
  • Establish recommended member communication cycles with protocols for development and dissemination of information.

To make a body of knowledge readily available to policy-makers, communities, professionals and the general public regarding tobacco use, its effects and tobacco control.

  • Develop talking points to speak with one unified voice
  • Identify informational resources regarding tobacco prevention and control such as how-to kits, state policies or practices and other information
  • Make recommendations regarding warehousing and dissemination of the information
  • Recommend communication documents to increase knowledge of tobacco prevention and control

Legislative & Policy
To recommend legislative/policy initiatives, develop related communication, and oversee approved strategies for implementation.

  • Make recommendations regarding policy agenda focus
  • Develop messages related to policy issues
  • Develop and deliver testimony or letters of support for policy priorities
  • Establish mechanism for alerts and fulfilling testimony requests
  • Determine key partners for colloboration, considering partners who may not yet be active members/partners of TFKC

Technology/Website Support
To recommend types of technology best suited to support TFKC members and its mission.

  • Develop a list of TFKC functions that could be supported by technology
  • Establish a protocol for items placed on the website or changes being made to the website
  • Conduct a review of potential technological supports for TFKC
  • Provide content input and feedback for website design
  • Develop a plan to build the capacity of members to utilize technology effectively
  • Determine how new members may apply via the website with approval via the website and a new member packet generated to include an involvement opportunity form.

Administrative & Finance
Ensure that by-laws are followed, and that changes to by-laws and processes are made as needed.

Annual Meeting
Work with TFKC Project Coordinator and Board to determine meeting site and speakers. Ensure all logistic supports are in place.

Review requirements and recruit individuals to serve full or partial terms on the Board of Directors. One year of membership recommended.


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