Community involvement coupled with some funding can bring about profound changes in public health for adults and youth.
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    Funding opportunities

    Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition with the assistance of funding partners often extends invitations to apply for funding of community programs that work to reduce tobacco use, help with cessation projects, promote reductions in exposure to secondhand smoke, and empower youth to take part in tobacco prevention activities.

    TFKC Youth Grants. Since 1995, TFKC has offered mini grant funding for youth groups across the state to empower youth to develop their own tobacco prevention programs within their schools or communities. Hundreds of small grants have focused on demonstrating the harmful effects of smoking, using spit tobacco, and being exposed to secondhand smoke. In September 2013 TFKC, with Kansas Health Foundation funding, is currently assisting 7 youth groups to develop tobacco prevention projects and activities to assist youth in rejecting tobacco use by showing the dangers of tobacco use and the marketing efforts tobacco companies use to recruit new customers. Click this link to see the locations of these youth groups, some of which received grant awards of up to $1,000 for their work.

    See the Grants' "What's Available" section for a new series of youth grants.

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