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TFKC updates

TFKC Community Media Kit

The Community Media Kit is a great resource tool to promote Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition and its work, through media contacts and to potential members. 

TFKC Toolkit

TFKC is always looking for new members, please take some time and review the toolkit that tells you everything you would like to know about the organization. Within the toolkit on page 13 is a powerpoint presentation from Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids about moving the message. Click here to view it.

Registration Open for KDHE Community Health Promotion Summit

Community Health Promotion Summit: Addressing Health Equity to Prevent Tobacco Use and Chronic Disease
January 25-27, 2017
Bluemont Hotel, Manhattan, KS

The 2017 Community Health Promotion Summit theme is addressing health equity to prevent tobacco use and chronic disease.  The summit includes two pre-summit workshops on January 25, a general session on January 26, and a session on the release of the 2017-2018 Chronic Disease Risk Reduction request for proposal on January 27. More information about the summit and the agenda are available on the registration website. For your convenience, the draft agenda is attached.  


TFKC Annual Meeting - May 29, 2014

The Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition Annual Meeting was held in Wichita on May 29th, 2014 at the Kansas Health Foundation's Leadership Center. After the business meeting, attendees heard from national, state and local speakers on topics related to tobacco tax increases and the state's budget crisis, tobacco marketing to youth and disparate populations, grassroots advocacy and upcoming legislative TFKC priorities, as well as perspectives from the Kansas Health Foundation. Agenda and annual activities report. Meeting presentations:

  • Duane Goossen, Kansas Health Institute presented on the direction of the Kansas State Budget and how a tobacco tax increase could be a small revenue source for the State.  Power Point Presentation
  • Linda DeCoursey, Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition presented on the Master Settlement Agreement (Tobacco Company lawsuit). Powerpoint Presentation and MSA Information from Kansas Action for Children
  • Paula Clayton, Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment/Bureau of Health Promotion presented on the Tobacco Use Prevention Program. Powerpoint Presentation
  • Jodi Radke, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids presented on national tobacco perspectives and a successful tobacco tax campaign from Minnesota. Powerpoint Presentation
  • Ritney Castine, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids gave a presentation on how the tobacco industry continues to market to disparate populations and youth and how youth can advocate. Powerpoint Presentation
  • Dr. Jeff Willett, Kansas Health Foundation spoke about the Foundation's perspectives and outlook for the Coalition. Powerpoint presentation
  • Reagan Cussimanio, American Cancer Society and Kevin Walker, American Heart Association presented on the gospel of grassroots. Powerpoint presentation
  • Mauro Medrano and Gabrielle Martinez, youth from Dodge City High School presented on RESIST (state youth tobacco prevention group) activities and a recent tobacco survey completed for the STARS program at Stanford University.
  • Tracy Russell, Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition's Communication's Committee Chair, presented on the advantages of a tobacco tax increase.

Kansans Celebrating Third Anniversary of Clean Indoor Air Act

Join Kansans across the state to celebrate the Third Anniversary of the Clean Indoor Air Act. The Act is a very popular law with Kansans.

• 45% of “regular smokers” support the law.
• 78% of the general voting public favor the law.

Kansans overwhelmingly understand that second-hand smoke is dangerous. They know that that it protects customers and employees from the health risks of second-hand smoke.

Join Kansans by going to the website print off a sign and go to your favorite smoke free location and take a picture of you and your family and friends. Sign the thank you note on the website and let your legislator know how thankful you are.

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