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    Youth resources


    The new RESIST website is up and running. Resist by fighting the influence of big tobacco targeted towards youth and children.

    Reality Check Tour for Youth Activists

    The REALITY CHECK Tour is a youth led project to expose the tobacco realities in KANSAS, especially the targeting of youth in marketing strategies used by the tobacco industry to recruit new users. The tour will shed light on the reality of tobacco use and the health effects and addiction caused by these products. We have designed REALITY CHECK to help peers, parents and concerned citizens make informed choices about the tobacco industry, its tactics and the consequences of using tobacco in any form. Our goal is to make sure everyone knows the facts about tobacco.

    Reality Check how-to materials:

     Reality Check You Tube Videos:

    Kansas information

    Youth grant opportunities are featured under the Grants Section.  Check out the new website.

    Youth Empowerment Board - The Youth Empowerment Board is comprised of youth from across Kansas who are interested in empowering their peers with healthy behaviors. If you are interested in participating or being part of this youth board, please contact Erica Anderson.

    100% Tobacco-Free Schools Toolkit - Developed by Kelly Gerard with the University of Kansas Medical Center and Nicole Brown with the Johnson County Health Department.

    ACE Kansas Youth Tobacco Cessation Program (being introduced by KDHE, fall 2011 to provide cessation and education to help youth avoid suspension for possession and use of tobacco products on school grounds.

    It's Everybody's Business - Protecting Youth from Easy Access to Tobacco details materials and strategies to avoid sales of tobacco to Kansas youth.

    Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment's Tobacco Use Prevention Program provides information on current programs, research and statistics.

    Kansas Toolkit on Smokeless Tobacco provides an outline of other tobacco products and an overview of activities that can help youth work to prevent other youth from being trapped into addiction to some of these products that are portrayed as being symbolic of rural and Western culture.

    National information

    Best Practices User Guide: Youth Engagement--State and Community Interventions introduces the best practices for engaging youth as part of a comprehensive tobacco control program in order to advance important policy and social norm changes and to "advance the fight against pro-tobacco influences. This guide was developed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and released in 2010.

    Campaign For Tobacco Free Kids prevides updates on current tobacco issues and specific resources and fact sheets on tobacco use rates, taxes on tobacco, tobacco industry history and marketing techniques, etc.

    The American Legacy Foundation provides research on tobacco issues and is dedicated to "dedicated to building a world where young people reject tobacco and anyone can quit." This site also provides access to the truth website which is "the largest youth smoking prevention campaign in the country – and the only national campaign not directed by the tobacco industry." The truth website has a variety of youth-centered information, games, media ads, etc., that are geared to 12 to 17 year olds.

    Events to work with

    Kick Butts Day sets out the framework for annual youth tobacco prevention activities, usually in the first week of April.

    World No Tobacco Day - provides another media link for youth to develop media and mobilizaton projects all across the world.

    Media sources for youth developed by youth empowerment grantees

    Attached is a clip of a student radio message regarding GASO last November. The students from Dodge City created and presented the rap the week leading up to November 17th.

    The Youth Media Toolkit is a guide for young people to develop their own media contacts for their tobacco control projects.  The toolkit was developed with input from youth participants with the statewide youth movement against tobacco use in Kansas.

    Youth PSAs developed through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation

    Secondhand smoke and smokefree workplace advertisements developed by TASK youth and Jones Huyett Productions and funded by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas. Click the links below to view each ad on YouTube.

    TASK Guy PSA
    TASK Princess PSA

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