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Legislative Priority Guides

Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition bases our legsilative priorities and targeted efforts on evidence-based, best practices from state and national partnerships. 

Read below to find out more on statewide and national goals to prevent tobacco use. 

Kansas Tobacco Control Strategic Plan

The Kansas State Tobacco Control Strategic Plan is the culmination of collaborative processes undertaken by state and local tobacco control partners. The following plan describes an integrated approach to implementing evidence-based interventions, strategies and activities that build on established partnerships, programs and networks that will help guide stakeholders, as they work together to prevent the harmful effects of tobacco use among Kansas youth and adults, particuarly among populations disproportionately impacted by tobacco.

It is important to recognize that all components of the plan must work together to produce the synergistic effects of a comprehensive tobacco control program.

Kansas Tobacco Control Strategic Plan, 2016-2020

Kansas Strategic Plan One Pager

Healthy Kansas 2020

Healthy Kansans 2020 is another important collaborative, strategic planning effort aimed at identifying and adopting health priorities that will improve the health of all Kansans. Healthy Kansans 2020 builds on the comprehensive, nationwide health promotion and disease prevention agenda, Healthy People 2020, to establish state-specific measures and initiatives.

Healthy Kansas 2020

Healthy People 2020

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