TFKC leadership and members work tirelessly to ensure that our state and local leaders pay attention to and understand the public health impacts of tobacco control and prevention policies.

To realize our vision of a tobacco-free Kansas we advocate for:

  • Policies to eliminate tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke including increasing tobacco tax and strengthening smoke-free laws.
  • Increasing Kansans’ access to tobacco cessation treatments through comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Preventing youth from starting to use tobacco in the first place by eliminating all flavors including menthol from all tobacco products

Legislative Agenda

Each year TFKC prepares a legislative agenda which focuses on the policies and practices we will concentrate our efforts on during the state legislative session. We also work to advance these policies in Kansas cities and counties as appropriate.

(Click Here for the 2021 Kansas Legislative Agenda)

How You Can Help

Join TFKC and start taking action to help us achieve our vision of a tobacco-free Kansas

Educating law makers and their constituents including parents, youth and children about the public health impacts of tobacco use is vital to our mission and achieving our vision.

To realize our vision of a tobacco-free Kansas act as an educational resource to:

  • Equip state and local decision-makers with knowledge about the ways public policy can help mitigate the negative impacts of tobacco use such as policies that…
    • support tobacco use prevention and cessation;
    • increase the number of smoke- and tobacco-free public spaces and workplaces;
    • increase the unit price of tobacco or raise taxes on tobacco products
  • Serve as a resource for schools, families and youth with information and tools to combat the negative health effects of tobacco use and discourage tobacco initiation and the possibility of a life-long tobacco addiction.
  • Work closely with Resist, a youth-led, statewide organization working to de-normalize tobacco use among Kansas’ youth and unites communities. Resist members participate in activities such as statewide community education and engagement events, data collection and media advocacy.

To learn more about Resist visit http://resisttobacco.org

How You Can Help

Join TFKC and start taking action to help us achieve our vision of a tobacco-free Kansas

TFKC brings together groups and individuals to exchange information, share resources and work in concert to enhance our collective ability to achieve our mission and vision.

Partners across the state work collaboratively to reduce the health consequences and the burden of health care cost caused by tobacco use in Kansas. Members of the coalition represent a cross section of interests and activities including:

  • Healthcare organizations and providers
  • Educators, administrators, teachers and parents
  • Law enforcement
  • Public health professionals and volunteers
  • University researchers
  • Elected officials
  • Individuals

Kansas Tobacco Control Strategic Plan

The Kansas State Tobacco Control Strategic Plan is the culmination of a collaborative process undertaken by state and local tobacco control partners. This five-year plan describes an integrated approach to implementing evidence-based interventions, strategies and activities that build on established partnerships, programs and networks that will help guide stakeholders, as they work together to prevent the harmful effects of tobacco use among Kansas youth and adults, particularly among populations disproportionately impacted by tobacco.

To learn more about the Kansas Tobacco Control Strategic Plan (2021-2025) click here.

How You Can Help

Join TFKC and start taking action to help us achieve our vision of a tobacco-free Kansas

TFKC works for health equity in tobacco control and prevention policies to ensure that all Kansans may reach their full health potential, regardless of any socially determined circumstance.

  • Tobacco use disproportionately affects the poor, homeless people, racial minorities, LGBTQ+ persons and those suffering from mental illness and substance use disorders.
  • The elimination of tobacco-related disparities can only happen when we collectively work to advance principles of health equity in our communities.

According to the CDC, a comprehensive tobacco control program requires coordination and collaboration among local and state government as well as public health activists and coalitions. TFKC is committed to best practices of collaboration including:

  • Seeking diverse leaders and engagement from members of target populations and groups
  • Working to distribute resources to partner organizations to most effectively reach specific populations
  • Engaging our members and partners to ensure that health equity issues are included in all tobacco control plans and activities.

To learn more visit the CDC’s Health Equity in Tobacco Prevention and Control Best Practice User Guide (click here)

How You Can Help

Join TFKC and start taking action to help us achieve our vision of a tobacco-free Kansas



Join TFKC (link to membership) and start taking action to help us achieve our vision of a tobacco-free Kansas.

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